Effective Professional Development is the key to building Capacity within a school or school district. NMEC can help develop and implement professional development plans for school districts or for individual schools. Specialized or customized professional development that targets the areas where improvement or growth is needed can be provided by expert consultants who can be assigned to schools or districts.

Some of the Professional Development services that have been delivered by NMEC are as follows:

  • Literacy Coaches
  • Social Studies Coaches
  • Reading Coaches
  • Science Coaches
  • Principal Coaches
  • Math Coaches
    **Keep in mind that these coaches can be assigned full-time or part-time as needed.

Each year, NMEC operates a principal/assistant principal mentor program that meets every two months to give training and orientation to newly named administrators. Provided by NMEC, this is free of charge to any district that is a member of the consortium. Each participating principal is assigned an experienced administrator (mentor) to help with issues that arrive and provides advice as needed.

Following is a partial list of Professional Development trainings that have been provided by NMEC:

  • Common Core: Math
  • Common Core: English/Language Arts
  • M-STAR for Teachers and Administrators
  • Using Data
  • Rigor and Relevance
  • ACT Workshop
  • Independent Reading and Writing
  • Differentiated Learning
  • Classroom Management
  • Technology in the Classroom
  • Fluency
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Phonics
    **NMEC has the capacity of developing other Professional Development trainings if something is needed that is not listed above.


Getting started…

When a district identifies areas that need improvement, NMEC is contacted to discuss the needs and a customized plan designed for Professional Development that builds teacher capacity.

Highly qualified consultants are contracted to conduct the training for the school or district.