Upcoming Fall Workshops

In addition to these in-person workshops, we have a large assortment of self-paced online courses at http://www.northmsec.com/online-courses/.   Workshops are added on a weekly basis, so make sure to constantly check out http://nmec.msresaservices.com/.   September 14-15: Mississippi Educator and Administrator Growth System (PGS) Teacher Growth Rubric Observation and Feedback Training Sessions (2 Days) 19: Passport […]

Barksdale Reading Institute’s Workshop Schedule

The Barksdale Reading Institute has designed several workshops for K-3 educators. This collection of modules addresses the following objectives: (1) Foster a deep understanding of each of the five components of reading recognized by the National Reading Panel and how they form a comprehensive and integrated approach to reading instruction. (2) Equip teachers with practical […]

FROM MDE: What Every Instructional Leader Needs to Know

Superintendents, Principals, Curriculum Directors, Federal Programs Directors, and Special Education Directors: In an effort to keep instructional leaders informed, MDE has designed an easy-to-read document for school and district leaders. The updated, What Every Instructional Leader Needs to Know resource describes the roles and responsibilities of each program office, key initiatives for the next 3 […]

Need any CEUs replaced for the upcoming license renewal?

Five years is a long time to keep up with those tiny CEU certificates! Instead of pulling your hair out trying to find them in any nook and cranny possible, you can complete a simple form to get them replaced! Keep in mind, we can only reissue those CEUs issued by the North MS Education […]