Building Leadership Capacity
Utilizing Professional Development and Technical Assistance
National Institute for School Leadership
Executive Development Program


The Institute for Education and Workforce Development/MSNISL is recruiting in collaboration with NMEC to conduct the National Institute for School Leadership’s Executive Development Program for up to 40 participants, in a regional setting, for several districts in North MS. We are proposing to begin a cohort in a convenient regional setting beginning in October 2015. We are proposing to engage school and district leadership team members in the NISL twenty-seven day professional development institute-with follow-up technical assistance to support the process of developing and/or building leadership capacity that will impact current and future student achievement. We currently have evidence of NISL’s efficacy in gaining higher student achievement-through independent evaluations (please see the Old Dominion study for NISL’s effects through Pennsylvania at


The work involved in increasing student achievement in our schools today whether it is with at risk schools, low performing schools, take-over schools or good schools going to greatis one of the most difficult challenges facing school leaders today. Weapplaud your efforts in your interest to engage your schools in improvement efforts based on research-driven practices to turn around the achievement of the children. Drawing on the years of “turnaround” experience in the business sector, new turnaround strategies applied to the education sector look hopeful. We believe that schools can remove or substantially lessen the obstacles blocking achievement, and they can then see quick, dramatic improvement with the right goals and, especially, the right leadership.

The work we have been engaged in through the National Institute for School Leadership (NISL) supports that theory and those actions. NISL provides leadership training to school principals (both sitting and aspiring) and to other school and district leadership teams. The NISL Executive Development Program is based on years of research, design, development, and piloting related to the most effective executive leadership programs worldwide in business, the military, law, medicine, and other enterprises. It is also based on an exhaustive search of the literature on instructional leadership in education. NISL uses the proven corporate university and executive development models of leadership training. NISL is designed to train the principals and other school leadership team members in an entire state and/or large districts in cohorts, infusing and enriching that training with the particular strategy and approaches that the state or district is using to raise student performance. NISL tailors its programs to be most effective with local initiatives, data, and approaches.


Proposed Program
Costing $11 million to date to design and develop (with updates just completed in the Summer of 2015), the NISL program incorporates highly interactive techniques shown to be most effective in adult professional development, including computer-assisted exercises and games, simulations, written cases, and video case studies. Over 60 national and international experts on a wide variety of subjects appear on video in the curriculum. Each of NISL’s two program phases (Phase 1 requires 17 days, and Phase 2 requires 10 days) concludes with a computer-assisted simulation that draws together and helps integrate the major themes of NISL. The program is approximately sixty-five percent face-to-face facilitation, fifteen to twenty percent online experience, and the rest is individual preparation, reading, and application of the program through the Action Learning Project (ALP).

The National Institute for School Leadership’s executive leadership program, the foundation of our leadership efforts, through the Institute for Education Workforce Development/MSNISL, is an outstanding choice, we believe, for use in the development of current and aspiring administrators. This professional development would have very powerful effects in assisting all students to achieve the same high standards across your district.

NISL facilitators, from our Institute, will train individuals in school and district teams and serve as coaches to the leadership teams or the principal if requested. We highly recommend the follow-up coaching to build the capacity of the leaders while they are completing the EDP program. Depending on the district’s needs, a school leadership team might also include not only principals and other school leaders but also possibly lead teachers, content coaches, or teachers with leadership capabilities from the school or district level.

The training provides an opportunity for candid, direct conversation among the principals being trained and with other school and district leadership team members. They focus together on the key issues involved in getting aligned and coherent performance from the district programs, in putting the instructional strategies and accountability systems in place, and in raising student performance. That way everyone winds up on the same page with the same vocabulary and strategies; enormous energy for improvement is developed, as well as deep understanding of the vision for raising student performance.


Curriculum of Study
The purpose of the program is to enable every member to lead his or her school to much higher student performance. That obviously requires a transformation in how almost everything is done, as well as in the kind of determination and focus that come from a heightened sense of urgency. The NISL curriculum is designed to produce all these outcomes. Once the EDP is completed several universities are awarding credits towards a doctoral degree. Should you be interested in the advance degree we can have you in contact with Delta State University and William Carey that awards up to 15 credits, University of MS that awards 6 credits, University of Memphis that awards up to 15 credits, and NOVA, an online program that awards up to 24 credits toward a doctoral degree.


Fees for Services
The Institute for Education and Workforce Development/MSNISL will train one group of leadership team members.

The following chart indicates the training sessions to be provided:

One                      17 days
Two                      10 days Simulation Included


The fees for the licenses and materials provided by NISL for each participating participating in connection with the implementation of the NISL Program will be as follows:

Number of Participants Trained            Price (Due October 2015)            Price (Due Fall 2016)            Total Price per Participant
Per person                                                             $5,000                                        $5,000                                             $10,000
Total (Depends on the number                           TBD                                            TBD                                                   TBD
trained up to 40)

**Fee for Coordination of Registration, Breaks, Meals, and Semi/OSL credits will be an additional $1,100 per person payable to NMEC (already included in price).

Unit 1: October 26-27, 2015
Unit 2: December 3-4, 2015
Unit 3: January 20-21, 2016
Unit 4: February 10-11, 2016
Unit 5: March 3-4, 2016
Unit 6: April 7-8, 2016
Unit 7: TBD
Unit 8: July 27-28, 2016
Unit 9: August 31 – September 1, 2016
Unit 10: September 28-29, 2016
Unit 11: October 26-27, 2016
Unit 12: November 30 – December 1, 2016


A list of individuals that have recently completed the NISL program should you want to discuss the work with any other districts that have completed this training are listed below. I have included a district contact but you may want to discuss it with the principals instead. (We have many other districts that we can send you if you want to talk with your colleagues rather than just us.

Hattiesburg: James Bacchus
Gulfport: Glen East
Madison County: Ronnie McGehee
Rankin County: Lynn Weathersby or Richard Morrison
Philadelphia:  Lisa Hull
Marshall County: Jerry Moore
Covington County: Clay Anglin
McComb: Cedric Ellis
Lee County: Jimmy Weeks