Barksdale Reading Institute’s Workshop Schedule

The Barksdale Reading Institute has designed several workshops for K-3 educators. This collection of modules addresses the following objectives:

(1) Foster a deep understanding of each of the five components of reading recognized by the National Reading Panel and how they form a comprehensive and integrated approach to reading instruction.

(2) Equip teachers with practical tools and resources that are aligned to the science of literacy acquisition and readily accessed and applied in the K-3 setting.

(3) Demonstrate the use of assessments and their results to guide instruction for each of the five components of reading plus the three additional skills (oral language, print awareness, and written expression) that support literacy proficiency.

(4) Facilitate adult learning through strategies that allow teachers to access information previously learned and to apply new knowledge and resources to strengthen practice.


Module 1: Overview of the Reading Universe and Characteristics of Structured Literacy for the 5 Components of Reading

Module 2: Foundations of the Literacy Block

Module 3: Structured Literacy: Phonological Awareness

Module 4: Structured Literacy: Phonics

Module 5: Structured Literacy: Fluency, Assessment, and Intervention

Module 6: Structured Literacy: Vocabulary

Module 7: Structured Literacy: Comprehension

Module 8: Being Intentional with Read Alouds: Teaching Print Awareness and Oral Language and the Other Components

Module 9: Structured Literacy: Spelling and Writing

Module 10: Literacy for Leaders