National Board Certification, Ms. Tammy Kirkland

Quick overview of the National Board Certification Program, the professional and financial rewards (MDE will reimburse all first time candidates. Additional annual stipend of $6000 to $10,000 depending on where you live), as well as the program’s flexibility. The *New* Two Year Process: Complete one component a semester.

Movement Matters! Effectively Integrating Movement into the Elementary Classroom (F2F and Virtually), Dr. Alicia Stapp and Ms. Tess Johnson

Movement for young children is funamental to their overall development and well-being. This presentation will engage participants in research-based movement strategies for integration into the classroom (both F2F and virtually). The presenters will model a movement “BLT” framework for effective integration to build engagement, social-emotional skills, and cognition. This framework can easily be applied in any classroom setting. Participants will also be provided with a few free movement videos developed by the presenters to use with their classes after the session!

How to Use Flipgrid To Engage Students in Virtual Learning, Dr. Sara Platt

Teaching remotely creates the challenges of how to build classroom community and how to engage students in discussion. Flipgrid, a free tool, is a simple quick way to engage students. Students record video messages and respond to each other online. Teachers can provide feedback, assign a grade to the discussion, and link to Google Classroom as well! This session will teach you how to use it in a virtual or traditional classroom setting.

Creating and Using a Bitmoji Classroom, Ms. Tammy Kirkland

This is a popular and engaging trend for teachers that are teaching virutually. Basically, a Bitmoji classroom is a slide or a series of slides (Google Slides or PowerPoint) that contain links for students to access assignments and additional resources. The Bitmoji slide can then be inserted typically on the homepage of your teaching platform, Google Classroom, Canvas…etc.

Make It Stick!, Dr. Kristina Livingston

Do your students tend to forget course material just weeks, days, or even hours from when you taught it? Dive into the science of learning and discover simple ways to make that learning stick long-term! Participants’ names will be entered into a drawing for Powerful Teaching – a book that is a game changer for any educator!

Enhance Mathematics learning and enthusiasm virtually at, Dr. David Rock provides 4 different mathematics competitions for students and enthusiasts from around the globe. Participants answer problems at 4 different ability levels. Success is rewarded by recognition daily and weekly on the website. Students can also win a contest t-shirt. Teachers can use these problems to stimulate interest and enthusiasm in mathematics outside the classroom, especially during a virtual setting! See how this site, sponsored by the School of Education at the University of Mississippi can stimulate a math competition at your school or inside your classroom while competing with people from across the globe.

Choose Your Own Adventure, Ms. Jacky Pipkin

Using Google Forms to differentiate instruction for students by creating sections. Students learning is determined by answers given. The answers link to sections with either new information or more practice as needed.

When the Manipulatives Go Virtual Too!, Dr. Brian Buckhalter

The phrase “seeing is believing” has perhaps never been more true than when describing how manipulatives aid students in establishing and deepening their understanding of mathematics. With much of today’s classroom instruction happening at home or in blended environments and across virtual netwroks, students need more support than ever. Together, we will explore the role that virtual manipulatives can play in supporting students’ learning wherever they are- physically and academically.