8:30am – 9:45am – Plenary Session 
Education Finance in Mississippi
Presented By: Ronnie Musgrove, Andy Mullins (moderator)
This session will explore issues related to funding of schools, community colleges, and universities.


9:55am – 11:10am:  Breakout Session I
Special Education
Presented By: Melody Musgrove


Disability Issues in Higher Education
Presented By: Laura Rothstein


School District Business Officers
Presented By: David Rubinstein


12:30pm – 1:45pm: Plenary Session
LGBTQ Issues Facing Schools and Postsecondary Institutions
Presented By: Jaime Harker, Amanda Winburn, Jim Keith, Susan Duncan (moderator)
This session explores the challenges facing schools, colleges, and universities with regard to LGBTQ concerns, including those related to transgender students.


1:55pm – 3:10pm:  Breakout Session II
School Safety
Presented ByJohnny Purvis, Jim Keith


Campus Safety in Higher Education
Presented By: George McClellan


3:20pm – 4.35pm:  Breakout Session III
Top Five Issues Facing Education
Presented By: John Hooker


Speech and Expression
Presented By


Sports Betting
Presented By