Keynote A –



1A – Supporting Sped Directors – Defendable Decisions

1B – Vizzle – Online Learning for Students with Special Needs

1C – Inclusive Strategies to Transform Teaching

1D – Creative Tech Ideas You Could Try Tomorrow

2B – Identifying and Closing Learning Gaps

2C – One Step at a Time

2D – Number Line to 10 Million

3A – Supporting Sped Directors – Navigating the Storm

3B – Connecting the Dots – Strategies for Inclusive Leadership

3C – Understanding Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

3D – Reach Me to Teach Me – Plug Into the 4 Cs for Learning

3E – Doing STEM Stuff – Including Your Students in STEM

4A – Theres No “I” in Inclusion – Centering Learner Voice

4B – Kurzweil 3000 – Literacy Support Where Learning Happens

4C – Not Just This But That

4D – Lets Get Techy