Question Deadline

June 24, 2022; 5 p.m.

RFP Submission Deadline

July 8, 2022; 11:59 p.m.

Intent to Award On

July 14, 2022 (via email)

The North Mississippi Education Consortium (NMEC) is pleased to announce the Request for Proposals for “Implementing School Improvement Practices for Improved Outcomes.” Details for the proposal are included in this packet.  All proposals should include a Transmittal Form, Vendor Profile, Proposed Plan/Scope of Work, Budget, Standard Terms and Conditions, Prospective Contractor’s Representation Regarding Contingent Fees, and Proprietary Information Form.  Proposals are due by July 8, 2022, and should be submitted on via

Scope of Work

The North Mississippi Education Consortium, on behalf of the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE), is seeking proposals for a tool to assess implementation of the school improvement framework and practices.  This will support streamlining processes for monitoring implementation of school improvement practices by the SEA for schools and districts.

Specific Scope of Work and Responsibilities are to Include

Purpose of this project is to:

    • Provide a process for specified schools (Comprehensive Support and Improvement- CSI and/or Targeted Support and Improvement- TSI) to measure effectiveness of implementation of MDE determined practices aligned to the Four Domains for Rapid School Improvement
    • Provide school support/training (hybrid, virtual, face to face) on how to access, administer, and analyze survey data results to identify and prioritize strategies that prompt rapid results (beginning – throughout the year)
    • Identify focus priorities/indicators by utilizing the Four Domains for Rapid School Improvement
    • Assess school implementation of indicators aligned to the Four Domains for Rapid School Improvement practices to identify trends toward positive student outcomes
    • Identify targeted feedback specifically aligned to the Four Domains for Rapid School Improvement and MDE determined indicators of effective practice
    • Provide the MDE with an executive summary of school data results following each assessment
    • Provide the MDE with an implementation plan and applicable timelines for the project that aligns with program purpose

Do you have questions?

Any questions pertaining to this RFP should be emailed to Mrs. Susan Scott at no later than June 9, 2022 by 5 p.m. Emails will not be responded to, rather, all questions and answers will be posted below for public viewing no later than June 14, 2022.

Providers will work with all schools participating in this process. The professional learning and associated activities will include all participating schools.

The provider will work with all participating schools.  The total number of participating schools will be determined following the release of schools identified for improvement based on 2022 Accountability Results for Mississippi’s Public Schools.

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