CARE: Child-Adult Relationship Enhancement Part 1

CARE Training
What is CARE Training?
Child-Adult Relationship Enhancement (CARE) is a trauma-informed, field-initiated modification of specific positive parenting ideas, many which are used in the evidence-based parenting programs. While CARE uses many of the same ideas and skills that are part of these programs, CARE is NOT a therapy program. CARE is simply a way for any adult to interact with any child. It is NOT a treatment or a structured intervention. It is a set of skills for relating and building relationships. Through CARE, the child-adult relationship can be enhanced in any setting and with a multitude of populations.
This is a two (2) part training. Part 1 will be on February 6 and Part 2 will be on February 8.
Guest Speakers will be Madison Blakeney and Randa Marx

This training will be through Zoom from 12:30 – 2:00 pm and will be in two parts. The first part will be on February 6 and the 2nd part will be on February 8.

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