Is a participant required to pass all assignments in order to obtain credit?

A student must successfully complete all assignments in order to obtain credit for the course(s) taken.


How long will it take for my instructor to grade my work?

Unless otherwise stated, these courses will be graded once all assignments and the final assessment has been completed; you must pass each assignment and earn an 80% or above on the final assessment to pass the course. If you have questions throughout the course, please contact or your instructor.


I failed an assignment. Can I resubmit it?

Please submit a request to or your instructor if you would like to resubmit an assignment.


If a participant resubmits an assignment that reflects no revision can the instructor decline the opportunity for the student to resubmit?

Upon the initial submission of an assignment, the instructor reviews and provides descriptive feedback about the modifications that a participant must make to obtain a passing grade. Therefore, it is not a good use of an instructor’s time to do so a second time. If a student does need to resubmit an assignment, the instructor will clarify in their feedback that they will only have one additional opportunity to resubmit.


Is it possible to receive an extension to complete course assignments?

Please submit a request stating the circumstance that necessitates the request to or your instructor to be considered for an extension.

If an extension is granted, there will be a fee of $5 per week, for up to three weeks, or 21 days. If you try to request an extension after your original or extended deadline, or later, your request will be denied.


How many times is a participant able to retake a course?

If a student has failed a course the first time, they may retake the same course one additional time, but will have to pay the initial course fee again.


What is the Academic Integrity Policy?

  • Absolute academic honesty and integrity is expected from every participant. The following are considered to be serious violations:
  • Plagiarism: the use of another’s ideas, data, or words without proper acknowledgement.
  • Fabrication: the use of invented information or the falsification of research or other findings with the intent to deceive.
  • Collusion: improper collaboration with another in preparing assignments or projects.
  • Cheating: an act of deception by which a student misrepresents that he/she has mastered information on an academic exercise that he/she has not mastered.
  • Academic Misconduct: tampering with grades, or taking part in obtaining or distributing any part of student work that is not his/her own.
  • Violation(s) or suspected violation(s) will be investigated and reported to the North Mississippi Education Consortium and building administrators. Violations could result in loss of credit for the modules completed.


Can I collaborate with others on my assignments?

All course assignments are designed to be completed independently by the enrolled participant.

Exceptions to this policy are acceptable with building administrator authorization as long as:

  • Each participant includes the names of all collaborators on the submitted
  • Each participant lists the name, title, and email of the building administrator authorizing the group work.