June 28, 2021

The North Mississippi Education Consortium (NMEC), on behalf of the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) will be hiring a team of digital learning instructional coaches and coordinators to help teachers, schools and districts effectively use educational technology and improve student outcomes statewide.

Current and former educators and educational technology specialists with K-12 classroom experience are encouraged to apply. Click on the available positions below for a description of the position:

All positions will be employees of North Mississippi Education Consortium, a non-profit corporation that does not provide health insurance or retirement benefits.

These employment options provide flexibility to applicants and districts. For example, a teacher could work part time for the district and as a part-time coach for the digital learning instructional program.

The digital learning instructional team will help teachers, schools and districts statewide to:

    • Effectively use and implementation of technology, including devices, learning management systems, software and other web-based tools;
    • Plan, develop, and deliver high-quality digital instruction aligned to the Mississippi College- and Career-Readiness Standards;
    • Implement best practices in digital learning and instructional practices; and
    • Evaluate digital learning and instructional practices;
    • Collaborate with other coaches and MDE staff to develop professional development resources that support the continued improvement of digital learning.

The coaching positions are part of MDE’s Mississippi Connects initiative, which is a comprehensive digital learning program providing computers and teaching and learning support to every public-school student in the state.


To be considered an official applicant to the North Mississippi Education Consortium, the following must be completed.

    • Application: Completed, dated and signed.
    • Resume: A resume must be attached to your application detailing applicant’s education and experiences in teaching, leadership, professional development, and educational technology.
    • References: Three (3) references must be listed on your application. Please give an email address or telephone number where these references may be reached.
    • Certifications, Licenses, and Endorsements: Please provide copies of certifications, licenses, and endorsements which shall provide satisfactory evidence of the applicant’s professional authority, including any technology endorsements, certifications, or badges.
    • Signed Travel Acknowledgement: Completed, dated and signed.

Applications due Monday, June 28, 2021. Interviews will be held virtually July 7-9, 2021. Positions will be announced no later than July 19, 2021. Employee start date will be August 2, 2021.

NOTE: Position availability based on Mississippi Department of Education contract approval and availability of funds.

All applications will be valid for one calendar year. If there are positions available, you will need to submit another application.

The following must be furnished upon employment before a pay warrant can be issued: (1) all of the above, 2) two proofs of identity, 3) be fingerprinted and processed for a criminal records check, 4) have a photo ID made, 5) all forms necessary for payroll purposes.

Once the above button is clicked, a .zip file will automatically start to download.