Applications due by March 10, 2022

The Graduate Center for the Study of Early Learning, North MS Resource Referral Center and the Early Childhood Leadership Institute are pleased to offer 150 CDA scholarships funded by the MS Department of Human Services (DHS) and W.K. Kellogg Foundation to MS childcare providers currently employed in licensed childcare centers (non-Head Start).


One hundred (100) slots are for new CDA participation, with online coaching and support during the courses. New CDA participants may choose either the Infant/Toddler OR Pre-K age level option with CLASS (“Classroom Assessment Scoring System”) information embedded in the course.

Fifty (50) slots are for individuals seeking CDA Renewal with CLASS (“Classroom Assessment Scoring System”) information embedded in the course.

Slots are “first come, first served”, upon approval of the candidate’s application. All applications must be submitted via the below online application, which will be time stamped upon arrival.

Center directors are also eligible to participate.

No more than two (2) teachers in infant, toddler, or Pre-K classrooms and one (1) Director may apply from the same center.

These courses also include information on the CLASS Observation instrument elements.

For an applicant center to be considered, the director must complete a written agreement with the Early Childhood Leadership Institute indicating that the center will participate in an unofficial CLASS assessment in either an infant, toddler, or Pre-K classroom. The results will be shared with the director and a plan of action (should one be needed) developed based on the score. This has NO bearing on licensing or CCPP in anyway. This is a way to help centers gauge their strengths as well as areas in need of improvement.