Teacher Tip Tuesday!

Come join teachers across the state to learn something new every Tuesday at 3:30!


This short zoom meeting each week will provide you with tips, and exciting resources to use in your classroom!

October 6:  Enhance Mathematics learning and enthusiasm virtually at www.TheMathContest.com; with Dr. David Rock

  • TheMathContest.com provides 4 different mathematics competitions for students and enthusiasts from around the globe. Participants answer problems at 4 different ability levels. Success is rewarded by recognition daily and weekly on the website. Students can also win a contest t-shirt. Teachers can use these problems to stimulate interest and enthusiasm in mathematics outside the classroom, especially during a virtual setting! See how this site, sponsored by the School of Education at the University of Mississippi can stimulate a math competition at your school or inside your classroom while competing with people from across the globe.

October 13:  Monitoring Small Group Discussions in a Virtual Setting; with Elise Brown

  • Need a way to hold students accountable for breakout room discussions? In this session, participants will look at how collaboration tools can be used to capture conversations between students in small groups.

October 20: Creating and Using a Bitmoji Classroom; with Tammy Kirkland

  • This is a popular and engaging trend for teachers that are teaching virtually. Basically, a Bitmoji classroom is a slide or a series of slides (Google Slides or PowerPoint) that contain links for students to access assignments and additional resources. The Bitmoji slide can then be inserted typically on the homepage of your teaching platform, Google Classroom, Canvas…etc.

October 27:  How to Use Flipgrid To Engage Students in Virtual Learning; with Dr. Sara Platt

  • Teaching remotely creates the challenges of how to build classroom community and how to engage students in discussion. Flipgrid, a free tool, is a simple quick way to engage students. Students record video messages and respond to each other online. Teachers can provide feedback, assign a grade to the discussion, and link to Google Classroom as well! This session will teach you how to use it in a virtual or traditional classroom setting.

November 3:  Building Community and Collaborative Learning with Google Slides; with Dr. Joel Amidon

  • In this session will be shared tangible examples for how to build relationships and do collaborative learning via Google Slides…among other tools. This was previously shared on an episode of the Amidon Planet Podcast https://amidonplanet.com/episode29/