Teacher Tip Tuesday!

Come join teachers across the state to learn something new every Tuesday at 3:30!


This short zoom meeting each week will provide you with tips, and exciting resources to use in your classroom!

November 3:  Building Community and Collaborative Learning with Google Slides; with Dr. Joel Amidon

  • In this session will be shared tangible examples for how to build relationships and do collaborative learning via Google Slides…among other tools. This was previously shared on an episode of the Amidon Planet Podcast https://amidonplanet.com/episode29/

November 17: Designing a Virtual Museum for an Interactive Learning Experience; with Gabby Vogt

  •  Learn how to design a virtual museum for your classroom using Google Slides. With just one link, your students can be immersed into an exciting, interactive learning experience. The virtual museum can be used for just about anything: lectures, cooperative learning, assignments, field trips, and more. In this session you will receive a museum template and learn tips to customize it for your own classroom.

December 1: Movement Matters! Effectively Integrating Movement into the Elementary Classroom (F2F and Virtually); with Dr. Alicia Stapp and Ms. Tess Johnson

  • Movement for young children is fundamental to their overall development and well-being. This presentation will engage participants in research-based movement strategies for integration into the classroom (both F2F and virtually). The presenters will model a movement “BLT” framework for effective integration to build engagement, social-emotional skills, and cognition. This framework can easily be applied in any classroom setting. Participants will also be provided with a few free movement videos developed by the presenters to use with their classes after the session!

December 8: World Class Teaching Program: National Boards; with Tammy Kirkland

  • Quick overview of the National Board Certification Program, the professional and financial rewards (MDE will reimburse all first time candidates. Additional annual stipend of $6000 to $10,000 depending on where you live), as well as the program’s flexibility. The *New* Two Year Process: Complete one component a semester!

December 8-January 4: Happy Holidays!